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On June, 18 2015 the Austrian startup eSquirrel will be founded as eSquirrel e.U. eSquirrel’s lawyer, Dr. Linder said: „It was quite challenging to match the legal framework to the needs of this unconventional company. Almost every team member has a safe well-paid job, but they still see the need of this product and want to create it in their spare time. The construction of the company had to reflect this attitude“. Michael Maurer, founder of eSquirrel, stated that the Austrian business chamber WKO did not really help to legally boil down their new business model. „They were just showing us what is not possible, and not how we can find a solution. Dr. Linder and tax consultant Mag. Tomitzi were the first ones, to really try to find a way this could work,“ Michael said.

On the same day eSquirrel will launch two crucial eSquirrel components for beta testers: the author’s tool and the eLearning-App. Stay tuned with our newsletter that will inform you how you can write your own gamified course for an Android app – without any programing skills! Read more in eSquirrel marries author’s tool and Android app.